Kyra Senese, originally from Aurora, Illinois, is a Columbia junior and lives in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago. In five years she sees herself as a reporter and editor in Chicago, while endlessly trying to meet Lady Gaga. You can reach her at @kyra_senese on Twitter.

Evan Thomas is a senior at Columbia and lives in the River North neighborhood. While his ultimate goal is simply to “write and get paid for it,” Evan is intrigued at how journalism functions as a checkpoint for government abuse. Seeing all 50 states is at the top of his bucket list. Contact Evan here.


Erica Garber is a senior at Columbia. She likes that journalism allows her to meet people from all walks of life and share their stories and opinions. Her dream job is to become a managing editor at a publication she’s passionate about; she’d also like to travel to as many countries as she can. Reach out to Erica on Twitter at @EricaGarber or here.


Morgan Stolle is a senior at Columbia living in Lakeview. She enjoys the art of writing and believes that a degree in journalism is extremely useful in different career fields. Her dream job is to be a managing editor of a running magazine. If she could have it her way, she would be in Europe eating lots of delicious food. In five years she sees herself in an editing role or PR. You can reach Morgan here.


Mackenzie Templeton hails from Pinckneyville, Illinois, but now lives in the Chicago Loop. Her dream job is to work for a music magazine and interview musicians she looks up to. Reach out to Mackenzie here.