Some call Alex Harrell nosey, but she prefers the term curious. That’s the main reason she’s majoring in journalism – to figure out what’s behind closed doors. She is also majoring in graphic design, so she can design what those doors look like. If she doesn’t go back to Philadelphia after May 2016, she will begin pursuing her dream job: roaming Europe as an international writer and knocking things like “See the Northern Lights” and “Have a Panic Attack in Prague” off her bucket list as she goes.

You can reach Alex (and offer her internships) at here, or read retweeted Mother Jones’ articles on her twitter @deadflowergirl.

Alex served as a web editor and photographer for Crowdfunded Chicago.


Sam Vinton loves journalism, but her true passion lies in online content creation, multimedia editing and social media. Looking ahead, she would like to own a digital marketing firm while searching for opportunities to travel the world. Graduating this Spring, the 21 year old Grand Rapids, Michigan native hopes to move back to her hometown and pursue a career in marketing or public relations.  You can reach Sam at @SamVinton on Twitter or on her website.

Sam served as web editor and copy editor for Crowdfunded Chicago.


Taylor Scheibe has learned from the Magazine Editing class that failure is just an opportunity to do something better.  Her bucket list includes saving a person’s life, trying a jalapeño pepper and cliff-diving in a white dress off the Island of Santorini. You can reach her at @taylorjscheibe on Twitter or her email address.

Taylor served as managing editor for Crowdfunded Chicago.


Alexis Castanos has learned that running a publication requires balance. She hopes to work for EF College Break and would like to write for Conde Nast Traveler–maybe she’ll  get the chance to during that three-month U.S. road trip she’s dreaming about. You can reach Alexis at her email.

Alexis served as managing editor for Crowdfunded Chicago.


Tamarah Webb describes herself as a military brat, which is why she doesn’t claim a hometown. Her mom is currently in Tennessee while her dad is on a contracting job in Saudi Arabia. Despite the constant shuffling around, Tamarah calls Chicago home for now. Tamarah is looking forward to graduating in 2016 and hopes to become a women’s lifestyle or entertainment magazine editor. You can reach Tamarah at her email, tamarah.webb@loop.colum.edu. To see more of her work, request access to her website.

Tamarah served as copy editor and photographer for Crowdfunded Chicago.